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~The Origin Story~

About the OG

What ORIGINated as a natural body care hobby and academic learning supplement for an African-American Biochemistry and Nutrition Sciences college student transformed into an action of purpose after receiving a disturbing phone call from his mother. Brandon was informed by his mother that she had lost a large portion of hair at the crown of her head, due to poor hair installation practices. He could hear the distress in his mother’s voice. By the end of that phone call, Brandon knew he had to try to help his mother due to his observation of the lack of representation of natural body care products for African-Americans readily available on store shelves. The first product prototype was formulated within a month after that night. Brandon’s mother began to notice healthy hair growth within the first 2 months, and Brandon began to notice the potential of his product. After consistently using the product for 9 months, she stated, “My hair is healthier and longer than it had been before.” Brandon was pleased by the news of his mother’s healthy hair growth, but being able to see and hear the happiness that his product brought her was the seed that motivated him to develop his hobby into a business. That seed grew and continues to grow as the Origin of Greatness.


The Origin of Greatness, LLC is a black-owned business that produces all-natural products that not only benefit the physical needs that black consumers struggle to have met but it also evokes a sense of black consumer recognition through culturally identifiable product packaging. The OG, LLC is culturally driven to focus on the  formulation of natural body care products without the use of any harmful preservatives, fillers, fragrances, or other harmful chemical additives from a biochemical and nutritional perspective

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