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I had a bad wig install and your oil did wonders for my edges. Love how light the oil feel on my scalp and edges. I want an even bigger bottle to have honestly because I be running out fast

Well I had heat damage, my hair was dehydrated asf 😩😭 and it was not growing for nothing in the world, but after that first time I used your oil, my hair was more moisturized than ever! 😩😍 and it was extra soft and detangled. It’s been growing, and it’s been easier to manage since I started using your oil. 😩 my twistouts been popping more too.

I used it a lot if my braids/twist were itchy and it soothed my scalp after I massaged it there for like 5 minutes. It also moisturized my new growth. I used it for hot oil treatments and I think it has been one of the factors that has made my hair grow.

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